What to do with your money in a crisis?

What to do with your money in a crisis? Experts of the project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia "enhancing financial literacy and developing financial education in the Russian Federation" have answered the most common questions about the Russian stock market and what each person should do to avoid panic and instability in the global economy . What should I do? What if you: you have 20-30 years of experience and you have no other options? There are two ideas for investing money. One of them proposes to buy back a portion of the profit that has fallen on your investment. In this case, the investor will receive a portion of the profit, which means that they will receive a part of the profit. The other option is to continue investing, but in a Bank Deposit. Why then does an investment in such a risky instrument require so much money? Why is it so risky? You only know what the risk of losing your investment is. With the shares of large companies, the risk of losing your money is quite high. With the stock market of small companies, the risk is minimal. With a large company, the risks are even higher. So the investor can choose the safest investment strategy, which means that he or she can make responsible investments. Of course, all this is not so complicated and incomprehensible. This is just a fact. Any novice can easily read this article and figure out what to do. I will not advise you to do this. However, I will give you my own methods. Do not be afraid to look at the world from the perspective of a beginner. You can start with any of them. Moreover, you can start with just one and a half the portfolios I have chosen. The goal is not easy. The risk of losing your money is minimal. The return on investment is often more than 50%. Interesting fact. Why do I need a financial pillow? Why even invest in the stock market? You may not know the answer to this question, but I will tell you honestly, I have never encountered this question so much before and during my time as an investor. Yes, the stock market has grown and grown, the company has grown and has grown. And it has been growing for a long time. And I just happen to be in the same position with the portfolio I was. And I'm not even joking. I don't like that. I don't like to take risks. I don't know why, but I decided to do it this way. And believe me, I did it. And the result was amazing. I got to where I was going, although at a very early stage. And this is not a conscious or designed this way. This is how I chose and invested my money. And now, as an investor, I am ready to accept it. I'm ready to return part of the profit, but I won't take risks. I'm comfortable taking risks. I know what I'm doing. And I know that I won't lose anything. Of course, this is not guaranteed, but I don't plan to give up everything. This is just my attempt at an investment. I am sure that I will do well in the next few months. I don't plan to give up anything. I just want to make sure that my capital is more than what I was hoping for. And for the sake of which it is easy to understand, I will share my results for a long time. I hope that everything was clear and simple. I don't plan to complicate it or complicate it at all. This is just my attempt at an investment. I don't plan anything complicated. My goal is to create a portfolio that will contain both my investments and my financial instruments. I don't know how to sell anything, just open a brokerage account. For now, I will just tell you what I did there was no result and it was very interesting. I think that this is the second part of the investment, which I will definitely tell you about in the future. Finally, let's look at the first part, which I wrote about it in one of the earlier articles. The first part of the portfolio I planned to include bond mutual Funds and ETFs. In fact, this was a portfolio that would include both mutual Fund and ETF. What happened next? In October, I told you about this in the article: In General, I decided to continue working as a coach. I got my first job in the office and for a month of training in the fitness center trainer. During the training, I did not a single thing other than complete my work and did what I had to do. In short, it's been 15 months since I started my training, so I can clearly say that I have increased in qualifications and experience. I am also more than competent in one area, which I do not particularly advise anyone. This is my daughter. As you can see, she is