How to create passive income (and never have to feed your child again)

How to create passive income (and never have to feed your child again) You've probably heard the phrase "Money makes money"? This happens because of our own careless thought. In this article, we will talk about how to learn to "make friends" with money and "make friends" with your finances in order to generate income. In order to do this, you do not need to work long hours and rarely giving statements. There is one simple recommendation — to take the first step, and only then get into the labor of genius. And this recommendation is based on the idea that at least some portion of your earnings should go to your investment. Here's what you need to do to do this: 1) you should start investing immediately. And you should get into the good habit of investing 10-20% of every paycheck you receive. 2) it is Important that the money you earn should work for you. And first, you should understand that you will have to give this money back. That's right — give them to your investment. Second, start spending less than you earn. And finally, the third (!) the first. Because there is no point in doing this once a month or every other. 3) Time works for you. And the clock is running out. The point is that you must quickly answer the following questions: How much do I need to earn to be considered a professional? How much can I currently earn in my specialty? How much can I influence the results of my activities? How much can I earn with the money I have earned? 4) Money likes an account. Start a Bank Deposit for your savings account. This will be your first step in getting rid of financial problems. Yes, you will have to make a lot of spontaneous purchases, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the monetary well-being of your Deposit. This simple approach will allow you to gradually create an impressive capital and start confidently investing your money. ADDITIONALLY: 1) Read my article "Where should I not invest my money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills do you need to become rich" . The author of the article is Alexander Evstegneev I WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR LIKES AND REPOSTS OF THIS ARTICLE